Riverdaughter's Diary

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This journal is for a character in an RP game.

Character name: Leah Pontarlier
Occupation: clerk at local newspaper, Student of humanity, avatar of the river spirit
Gender: female

Appearance: Blonde with long long straight hair. In fact it goes all the way down to her ankles. (Icons may not reflect this) Grey eyes like the river she came from. Pale skin. 5’7” approximately. Slender build.

Back story: The Pontarlier River Spirit is relatively newly formed, coming alive so speak only well after the Apocalypse. The previous spirit of the river having been killed off by the pollution of the twentieth century. The river spirit can perceive anything that happens along the length of the river but it has trouble understanding what it perceives. Hence its creation of Leah. She is meant to help the River Spirit, called Pontarlier after the river, think and discover what is going on here. To do this it built her into a human form because humans are the best thinkers.

Found by Karina on the banks of the River she has been adopted by her and Maryk. Leah lives with them at their house by the River and ventures into town to fullfill her purpose by learning everything she can about Excolo and life as a human.